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101 Ways to Monetize Your Website - Top Adsense Alternatives

Dated July 2012

Google's Adsense is the best known program and we've got some previously unpublished Adsense tips and advice for you, but were you aware of just how many programs there are that outperform Adsense?

But which one is going to outperform Adsense for you? The right solution depends on the type of site you have, the geo-location of your visitors and several other factors. That's where this report comes in!

This is the probably the first ever compilation of its kind on the web: a listing of every major website monetizing program with a detailed, unbiased review of each one and with helpful links to further research.

You can discuss these programs with other webmasters - each review links to the related discussion thread. What's more, you can provide feedback or suggest other programs. Some sample reviews are provided below, follow the links. We are finalizing the others. To get access to all 101 Reviews when they are ready, plus other related research such as the geo-specific programs, our listing of which are the top programs and why, new research on Adsense etc., you need to sign up for the newsletter.


The Full List (with links to some sample reviews)

  1. Chitika Review
  2. Clicksor Review
  3. Infolinks Review
  4. Adbrite Review
  5. Kontera Review
  6. Tribal Fusion Review
  7. Burst Media Review
  8. Bidvertiser Review
  9. Casale Media Review
  10. ValueClick Media Review
  11. Intellilinks Review
  12. Media.net Review
  13. Text Link Ads Review
  14. Nixxie Review
  15. Smowtion Review
  16. Federated Media Review
  17. Vibrant Media Review
  18. AdStract Review
  19. Linkworth Review
  20. CPX Interactive Review
  21. Ad Igniter Review
  22. Adknowledge Review
  23. 7search Review
  24. CBprosense Review
  25. Skimlinks Review
  26. Sonobi Review
  27. AdNetwork.net Review
  28. Marimedia Review
  29. Publisher ad network Review
  30. Leadbolt Review
  31. Adorika Review
  32. advertising.com Review
  33. pocketcents Review
  34. Dynamic Oxygen / ExitJunction Review
  35. AdBull Review
  36. Ad pepper media Review
  37. Black Label Ada Review
  38. CX digital media Review
  39. ybrant digital Review
  40. 24/7realmedia Review
  41. Inuvo Review
  42. TNX Review
  43. Adversal Review
  44. Search123 Review
  45. GenieKnows Review
  46. Creafi Communications Review
  47. eType Review
  48. Surge Direct Review
  49. PepperJam Exchange Review
  50. Tatto Media Review
  51. XY7Elite Review
  52. Amped Media Review
  53. BLAM Ads Review
  54. InLinks Review
  55. Epic Direct (former Azoogle) Review
  56. RevResponse Review
  57. Clickbooth Review
  58. Motive Interactive Review
  59. Adblade Review
  60. AdTaily Review
  61. Blogads Review
  62. DoubleClick Review
  63. ExoClick Review
  64. HIRO Media Review
  65. Right Media Review
  66. Adult AdWorld Review
  67. Zedo Review
  68. PayPerPost Review
  69. MarketLeverage Review
  70. Inadda Review
  71. AdEngage Review
  72. MaxBounty Review
  73. Adtegrity Review
  74. Flux Advertising Review
  75. Infinityads Review
  76. AdAgency1 Review
  77. PopOnClick Review
  78. YesAdvertising Review
  79. Meta Network Review
  80. Ad Media Provider Review
  81. e-Healthcare Solutions Review
  82. Linkstorm Review
  83. Taggify Review
  84. AdsPipe.net Review
  85. eGameAds Review
  86. Technorati Media Review
  87. PeakClick Review
  88. Advertise.com Review
  89. pulse360 Review
  90. Greystripe Review
  91. Batanga Review
  92. Linksmile Review
  93. AdHitz Review
  94. Adgenta Review
  95. Search Anyway Review
  96. Findology Review
  97. linkshare Review
  98. Olive Media Review
  99. BrightRoll Review
  100. Pinball Publisher Network Review
  101. Fidelity Media Review

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