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Review of AdStract

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Disclaimer: This review was compiled in June 2012, but this is the internet and things change quickly (so this information is provided without warranty).

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AdStract Quick Facts:

  1. Program name: AdStract
  2. URL: http://www.adstract.com/
  3. Country: US
  4. Ad types: Video advertisements
  5. Ad formats/sizes: Rotating video ads, pre-roll video banners, more video ad options
  6. Commission types / Payment Model: CPC, CPM, CPA, PPV
  7. Rate per click/lead/etc: Depends on payment model and model-specific factors
  8. Payment methods: PayPal, Check
  9. Minimum payout: $100
  10. Payout percentage share with publishers: N/A
  11. Payment frequency: Final commissions earned for the month should be available by the 10th of the following month
  12. Auto-accepts ads / option for manual ad approval: Freedom to remove unwanted links
  13. Setup method: Manual code and “tag” insertion
  14. Skills and effort required to setup and manage: Average skills required to install, moderate time to manage
  15. Time until relevant ads appear on website after signup/installation: N/A
  16. Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: N/A
  17. Requirements / Restrictions: No questionable content, certain placement restrictions, for more details please refer to AdStract’s publisher terms of use
  18. Coverage and Geographic focus: Global coverage
  19. Support/troubleshooting: Personal account manager available to assist and reachable through numerous media
  20. Contact info: Detailed contact information here

 AdStract Logo

AdStract, previously known as AffiliatePLY, is an ad network that specializes in serving online video advertisements based on various pricing models and is one of over a hundred such programs we review on experienced-people.co.uk.

AdStract has only recently been renamed from AffiliatePLY and it is easy for unsuspecting publishers to assume that these are two different, competing ad networks instead of one as many online reviews still refer to the program with its former name.

AdStract gives publishers the freedom to choose between Pay-Per-View videos and performance-based videos. Their video ad platform works well with many different campaign pricing models, namely PPV, CPM, CPC and CPA with allows a lot of freedom and optimization for each individual publisher. They also promote their video ad campaigns through their own video ad servers as well as third party leading players such as YouTube and Daily Motion; a great option for publishers already targeting the demographics of said online players.

The program provides access to basic tracking and reporting tools through their publisher dashboard as well as a personal account manager to assist every publisher.  The reporting tools do not work real-time and their interface is poor but by all accounts the help of AdStract's personal account managers is a big plus for the network and (at least partially) offsets the control tools weakness.

Their website is rather empty and in order to glean most of the important information publishers have to read through AdStract’s lengthy publisher’s terms which is full of law jargon and not especially useful overall. Regardless, it is important for publishers looking to join AdStract to read the program’s publisher terms as placement restrictions, payment specifics and even support emails are only given there and inside AdStract’s dashboard system.

Online reviews and discussions about AdStract are generally positive, with most publishers commending the program’s dedicated account managers and reporting decent CPM rates. However, the very same reviews often criticize AdStract for their poor reporting tools and confusing interface.

AdStract offers no other ad options apart from video advertisements but admittedly they do video ads well. By allowing publishers to choose between almost every possible campaign pricing model and by providing specialized services for video advertisement, AdStract presents many interesting possibilities for publishers looking for video ads; possibilities not easily found in most typical ad networks that serve video ads among other ad types. Read about other monetizing programs at experienced-people.co.uk/1200-make-money-from-websites/ and you can leave your comments and feedback about AdStract at our AdStract forum thread.

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