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Review of MaxBounty

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Disclaimer: This review was compiled in June 2012, but this is the internet and things change quickly (so this information is provided without warranty).

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Forum discussion for MaxBounty

MaxBounty REVIEW

MaxBounty Quick Facts:

  1. Program name: MaxBounty
  2. URL: http://www.maxbounty.com/
  3. Country: US
  4. Ad types: Banners, text ads, mobile-friendly ads, form-fills, trial-based sale campaigns, additional types available depending on campaign
  5. Ad formats/sizes: N/A
  6. Commission types / Payment Model: CPA, CPL
  7. Rate per click/lead/etc: N/A
  8. Payment methods: Check, PayPal, pre-paid MasterCard, Payoneer, wire transfer
  9. Minimum payout: $100
  10. Payout percentage share with publishers: N/A
  11. Payment frequency: NET 15, option for weekly payments for verified publishers
  12. Auto-accepts ads / option for manual ad approval: Full control to approve/decline ads
  13. Setup method: Manual code insertion
  14. Skills and effort required to setup and manage: Above average skills required to setup and manage
  15. Time until relevant ads appear on website after signup/installation: N/A
  16. Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: N/A
  17. Requirements / Restrictions: No questionable content of any kind, minimum traffic requirements apply, additional requirements in the publishers terms here
  18. Coverage and Geographic focus: Global coverage, more campaigns for US markets
  19. Support/troubleshooting: Dedicated account managers available to help, support reachable through their network's contact form and through the dashboard
  20. Contact info: Online contact form here

MaxBounty Review

MaxBounty Logo

MaxBounty is a reputable performance-based ad network and is one of over a hundred such programs we review on experienced-people.co.uk.

The network serves CPA and CPL campaigns of all kinds. There is no specific campaign type which represents the bulk of their traffic and the network offers many exclusive campaigns covering multiple niches including dating, financial, weight loss, education, surveys, health, mobile and more.

The ad types they offer include many conventional types as well as some more unusual formats, depending on advertiser. MaxBounty specializes in form-fill style lead generation and trial-based sale campaigns and some of their exclusive form-fills and trial-based campaigns pay generously.

MaxBounty campaigns generally pay above-average rates and their publishers enjoy additional benefits just from working with MaxBounty. The network implements a "NEVER LATE" automated monthly payment system that safeguards timely payments and offers multiple payment methods for trusted publishers. Payments are sent out on a NET 15 schedule, with a weekly schedule available for trusted publishers.

It's not easy to get accepted in MaxBounty, especially for newbie publishers, and this is apparent from the numerous discussions and tips about how to join MaxBounty that can be found in abundance around the web. Their terms are strict but fair and on top of that, MaxBounty evaluates each website for its niche, traffic profile and overall popularity.

The network's support is really good and proficient in what they do. They reply promptly and even if publishers get rejected, the network will provide reasons and suggestions for improvement. MaxBounty's FAQs are decent but not quite in par with their excellent support.

All in all, MaxBounty is a dependable CPA/CPL network that does bring results. Their staff knows what they are doing and most of the network's publishers are seemingly satisfied with them. If you can get past their rigorous sign-up process then you might have found a great source of CPA and CPL campaigns for your websites. Read about other monetizing programs at experienced-people.co.uk/1200-make-money-from-websites/ and you can leave your own comments and feedback about this program at our MaxBounty forum thread.

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