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Review of Text Link Ads

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Disclaimer: This review was compiled in June 2012, but this is the internet and things change quickly (so this information is provided without warranty).

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Forum discussion for Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads REVIEW

Text Link Ads Quick Facts:

  1. Program name: Text Link Ads
  2. URL: http://www.text-link-ads.com/
  3. Country: US
  4. Ad types: in-text ads, text link ads (obviously!)
  5. Ad formats/sizes: Various IAB-compliant ad units available for text link ads
  6. Commission types / Payment Model: CPM
  7. Rate per click/lead/etc: Based on unspecified pricing algorithms
  8. Payment methods: PayPal, Check, Payoneer, TLA voucher
  9. Minimum payout: $25
  10. Payout percentage share with publishers: 50%
  11. Payment frequency: Instant payments on the 1st of each month
  12. Auto-accepts ads / option for manual ad approval: Full control on approving/rejecting ads from being published
  13. Setup method: Manual code insertion
  14. Skills and effort required to setup and manage: Average skills to setup, minimal skills and effort to manage
  15. Time until relevant ads appear on website after signup/installation: Once a site is approved, it is added to the marketplace within 48 hours and be available for ad sales
  16. Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: Text Link Ads require to be the sole provider of static HTML advertisements
  17. Requirements / Restrictions: No questionable content of any kind
  18. Coverage and Geographic focus: Global coverage
  19. Support/troubleshooting: Publisher relationship management responds within 24hr, tech support is easily reachable
  20. Contact info: Contact info, maps and online contact form can be found here

Text Link Ads Review

 Text Link
Ads Logo

Text Link Ads, also known as TLA, is a large text link ad marketplace that, as their name implies, specializes in text link ad units as well as in-text ads and is one of over a hundred such programs we review on experienced-people.co.uk.

Their text link ad units are served as static HTML links through banners and boxes of various IAB-compliant sizes while their newly introduced content-relevant inLinks are dynamically generated based on each website's content and appear on pages as double-underlined or otherwise hyperlinked keywords or phrases. Their ads can be run alongside other ad networks as long as TLA remains the sole provider of static HTML advertisements.

TLA publishers are treated to a 50% revenue share, monthly payments and a plethora of many other small but welcome payment conveniences such as the ability to turn your publisher revenue into advertiser credits (plus bonus) with TLA vouchers; an interesting choice for webmasters who are both publishers and advertisers to the network. Moreover, advertisements are priced on a flat rate for a 30 day period, so earnings are not (directly) dependent on clicks or impressions of the current month.

Installation consists of manual code insertion in each page publishers want the ads to appear and due to their payment model managing the whole process is surprisingly easy and hands-free. Their in-house control tools are basic but functional and tie in nicely with advertiser control tools for publishers who are also advertisers. Support is decent and easily reachable through telephone, email or the network's online contact form. Moreover, their FAQ is quite detailed and explains every aspect of TLA clearly and eloquently.

Text Link Ads are not particularly newbie-friendly as applying publishers need at least PR3 to join and the network emphasizes a lot on Alexa ranking as a general indicator of site desirability for advertisers to sell their ads to.

Publishers from all around the web report decent earnings from TLA and the network has received generally positive reviews and comments. The network is particularly praised for their large and varied ad marketplace as well as their overall good quality.

All in all, while they only provide two types of ads and offer no "hot" deals or high-tech solutions, all Text Link Ads services are overall decent and the results they yield are almost always above the market average. New publishers should not consider joining TLA (even if they barely reach the minimum requirements) but owners of middle-sized websites may find a stable, reliable and hands-off monetization solution in TLA's ad services. Read about other monetizing programs at experienced-people.co.uk/1200-make-money-from-websites/ and you can leave your own comments and feedback about Text Link Ads at our Text Link Ads forum thread.

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