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Review of TNX

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Disclaimer: This review was compiled in June 2012, but this is the internet and things change quickly (so this information is provided without warranty).

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TNX Quick Facts:

  1. Program name: TNX
  2. URL: http://www.tnx.net/
  3. Country: N/A
  4. Ad types: text links, link swaps
  5. Ad formats/sizes: N/A
  6. Commission types / Payment Model: CPA, CPC
  7. Rate per click/lead/etc: Depends on PR and other factors
  8. Payment methods: PayPal, Webmoney, Check, Wire, or any other applicable payment method (from their homepage)
  9. Minimum payout: N/A
  10. Payout percentage share with publishers: TNX charges its members a 12.5% commission
  11. Payment frequency: N/A
  12. Auto-accepts ads / option for manual ad approval: Full control to block, delete or completely ban unwanted advertisements
  13. Setup method: Manual code insertion
  14. Skills and effort required to setup and manage: Above average skills required to setup and effectively manage
  15. Time until relevant ads appear on website after signup/installation: Depends on ad space demand
  16. Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: None
  17. Requirements / Restrictions: Publisher websites must have Google PR above zero, additional requirements here
  18. Coverage and Geographic focus: Global coverage, no specific focus
  19. Support/troubleshooting: FAQs here, support ticket system here, Support staff can be contacted through the program's forums
  20. Contact info: No contact info besides the program's forums and the ticket system (!)

TNX Review

TNX Logo

TNX is an ad network that combines contextual text link ads, direct text link sales and reciprocal link swaps. TNX is one of over a hundred such programs we review on experienced-people.co.uk.

As stated above, TNX offers contextual advertising with CPC campaigns and is the network's flagship product. They have an unusual and interesting page explaining the disadvantages of pay-per-click advertising.

Apart from contextual text link ads, TNX offers link exchange options, along with a page explaining the shortcomings of link exchanges and ad brokers and a direct links exchange system, again, along with an article explaining the shortcomings of the automated link exchange system. Link exchanges work with either CPA or CPC, depending on advertiser and campaign model.

TNX claims that their link exchange system does not (directly) violate any rules and guidelines about link placement and it's practically impossible to tell if a site is participating in their system or not; so the risk of SERP penalties is minimized. However, some publishers apparently have been penalized in SERPs for using TNX's link exchange services.

Nonetheless, their whole system automates link placement so neither advertisers nor publishers have to worry much after the initial transaction (unless they get slapped by Google!), since most steps of ad placement are handled automatically.

Their official website is unusual, but not particularly bad. Apart from the complete lack of direct contact info and the quirky but accurate articles about the disadvantages of the network's services everything else is decent.

Their official forums are full of useful threads (hundreds of them) and showcase TNX's excellent customer support. Besides the forums however, apparently there is no way to contact TNX unless you are logged in your publisher account or open a ticket with them.

TNX charges its members a 12.5% commission which is quite decent when compared with other market offers, but besides that, the network divulges little else about their inner workings and payment specifics. This is partly due to the fact that with TNX's business model a lot of factors concerning payment are decided by the advertisers and not the network.

TNX mixes traditional link exchange services with CPC contextual link ads and throw some extra bonuses in the mix. Their approach and mentality is unusual but apparently effective and their forums provide a glimpse as to how active the network really is (it is!). Read about other monetizing programs at experienced-people.co.uk/1200-make-money-from-websites/ and you can leave your own comments and feedback about this program at our TNX forum thread.

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