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Review of Right Media

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Disclaimer: This review was compiled in June 2012, but this is the internet and things change quickly (so this information is provided without warranty).

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Forum discussion for Right Media

Right Media REVIEW

Right Media Quick Facts:

  1. Program name: Right Media
  2. URL: http://rightmedia.com/
  3. Country: US
  4. Ad types: Banners, text ads, other unspecified ad types
  5. Ad formats/sizes: Unspecified
  6. Commission types / Payment Model: CPC, CPM
  7. Rate per click/lead/etc: N/A
  8. Payment methods: Check, other unspecified methods
  9. Minimum payout: N/A
  10. Payout percentage share with publishers: N/A
  11. Payment frequency: Unspecified
  12. Auto-accepts ads / option for manual ad approval: N/A
  13. Setup method: Manual code insertion
  14. Skills and effort required to setup and manage: Average skills required to install, moderate effort required to achieve high fill rates
  15. Time until relevant ads appear on website after signup/installation: N/A
  16. Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: Conflicts with other contextual ad providers
  17. Requirements / Restrictions: No questionable content of any kind
  18. Coverage and Geographic focus: Global coverage
  19. Support/troubleshooting: Help center here
  20. Contact info: +1 212-381-6900, additional contact info here

Right Media Review

Right Media Logo

Right Media is an ad network that operates a large ad exchange platform and is one of over a hundred such programs we review on experienced-people.co.uk. Since 2007, Right Media has been acquired and operates under Yahoo!

The Right Media Exchange (RMX) brings together publishers, advertisers and whole third-party ad networks and enables ad trading between them. The network itself supports many kinds of "regular" ads including banners and text links. Right Media's ads pay per-click and per-thousand impression commissions (CPC and CPM). The network's inventory is average and publishers looking to achieve high fill rates must spend some time in the Right Media Exchange, hunting for appealing ad offers.

Their official website is rather poor, lacking any meaningful FAQs and is generally very confusing. Little is known about payment details, and even publishers actively working with Right Media are confused about the network's procedures and some complain about delays in payment.

Some aspects of their ads are rather outdated and as a result several anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and services treat Right Media's products as malware. This can result in dissatisfied visitors and high bounce rates (not to mention possible long-term repercussions) as anti-malware programs might block websites that display Right Media ads.

Right Media gives the impression of an unorganized and declining network that is going the way of Yahoo Publisher Network. This may or may not be the case but certainly they make a poor impression, even to their own publishers! Read about other monetizing programs at experienced-people.co.uk/1200-make-money-from-websites/ and you can leave your own comments and feedback about this program at our Right Media forum thread.

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