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Original text from the About Us page:

Experienced People is a company formulated by people with first-hand knowledge of the ambitions of senior personnel of all ages.

It is our aim to link prospective employers in need of skilled and experienced personnel with time-served thorough professionals able to bring a lifetimeís knowledge and enthusiasm to the task at hand.

Our trained consultants have wide range of experience in the following fields.

Our Mission Statement

This century has seen massive changes in work conditions for both employer and employee.  Too often these changes have been fashion driven and not necessarily been related to need.  We all recall the seventies when only personnel in their twenties were considered capable for any position.  As downsizing became ever more popular in the eighties and early nineties everybody began to fear for their jobs.  The boom in the US economy led experts there to question whether the constant shedding of personnel had a counter productive effect on growth as this constant fear held back consumer spending and stopped the stock market from growing as rapidly as one wished.  This radical change in economic thinking coupled with the growing movement to outlaw ageism as a form of discrimination as endemic and damaging as any other, meant that experienced people began to be valued again for the skills they bring to the workplace.  

As always the UK is a few years behind the US but, even so, opinion here has begun to change, particularly on the issue of ageism.  There are now more opportunities open, as all successful and far-sighted companies now know that the most productive environments enjoy a balanced workforce; a workforce that can bring together energy, enthusiasm, proven skills and wisdom.  Such a workforce will include personnel across the age spectrum.

Experienced People is rapidly bringing together skilled personnel within the High Tech industries, General Management, Sales & Marketing and Government.

It is our intention to place exactly the right person against the job specification.  Batch sending of dozens of CVs to prospective employers is not part of our agenda.

Please e-mail in confidence for details of our intentions, ambitions and Terms and Conditions:-

Contact us  for an online consultation at: info at Zexperienced-people.co.uk (delete the "z" and change the "at" to @)

Experienced People operates under the Employment Agency Act, which determines that no fees are payable by potential employees (jobseekers) for services offered and administered.return to top of the page