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In order to have a very clear idea of what we are trying to do with this article, we need to establish a good base. I think it is worthwhile to talk about exactly what a domainer is. And to talk about domainers, we need to understand the concept of domaining.

Defined by Wikipedia, domaining is the business of buying, selling, developing, and monetizing Internet domain names.
A domainer is a person who does all of these things to make a profit. The debate then enters into exactly what a professional domainer is. That is really for you to decide, based on your idea of the word professional.

From my point of view, if you are making money doing something, then you are considered a professional.
Hence, this guide to professional domaining!

I want to take a minute and dispel one myth. Domainers are often referred to as cybersquatter. Simply because the practice of domaining requires that you buy way more domains than you use, and you hold them.

Do me a favor. Go to Google and type in the term “Cybersquatters.” You will see what I mean.
I have one thing to say to these kinds of people, “People that classify domainers as cybersquatters are simply jealous.” If they would have known hat you could get $6 million from, they would have been all
over it.

No one can tell me any different.

Through the course of this article, we will be going through all of the things stated in the Wikipedia definition above, in great detail. I will take you through the entire process, beginning to end.


1. Start of Domaining Article

2. Who Makes $100,000 a day?

3. An Introduction

4. What Exactly Is Domaining?

5. How To Find Fantastic Domain Names

6. Registering A Domain Name

7. Domain Parking Services

8. Dropped Domains

9. Domain Parking Players

10. Setting Up Your Parked Domains

11. Developing Domains

12. Monitoring & Selling Domains

13. Process of Selling Domain Names

14. The Brute Force Philosophy

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