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My name is Clinton. I'm the recognised expert on all aspects of website buying and selling. Not convinced? Read this.

Want my help? Submit your site for sale here.

I can help you by

- advising you on how to maximise your selling price
- assisting with choosing the right venue for selling
- preparing the sales memorandum
- devising the best selling strategy for your particular site
- helping with the listing for sale
- negotiating with buyers
- answering questions you may have along the way

Free Valuation: I'm an authority on valuing websites and I can provide you a free valuation and  detail the reasons behind the valuation.

Free documents: Why pay for expensive legal documents? I have draft Memoranda of Sale, Letters of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Contracts for Sale etc., that you can use as templates.

Safety: Just using an escrow company isn't safety enough. Even if it's the most respected escrow company out there, there are still numerous ways you can be scammed. I'll help you stay safe and get your money.

Speed: All buyers conduct some due diligence prior to making a purchase. I lend my expertise to minimise the due diligence stage and to prevent the bane of sellers: last minute drop-outs.

Security: All enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence and with discretion. Unlike with a public listing or auction, you won't spook your customers, advertisers, forum users, competitors or others.

Smooth transfer: Transferring a site can often be very tricky and there are numerous pitfalls lurking for the unwary. Use my familiarity with the process to ensure a smooth transfer.

I look forward to working with you.

Please note that your site needs to meet at least one of the following criteria:

- Consistent net profit of at least $500 per month OR
- Traffic in excess of 50,000 uniques per month OR
- A value of at least $10,000 from a premium domain name, Intellectual Property or other asset.


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