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Have you ever blatantly lapsed in a domain renewal. Domains are those things that you always push off until the last minute, telling yourself you will remember them later.

Well domainers feed off of people like that.

The standard policy is 15-60 days depending on the domain registrar. After that time, the name re-enters the public database and can be reregistered. Anyway, next to none of the lapsed domains make it that far.

Some domainers rely heavily on dropped names, while others stay away from them because they are more expensive. You have to pay for the service of finding the name and waiting for it to drop. Usually prices vary anywhere from $20-$70 for one domain name.
This is recommended because immediately after the name becomes unregistered, it still has all of the old traffic. Would you rather all of that traffic end up at an error page or at your parked page where you could potentially profit from it?

The following services will pick up the domain names for you.

There are several different types of services used by the above companies.

Some of the services allow you to go in and pick any domain in the world. When that domain is close to renewing, they will alert everyone who signed up for the notifications regarding that url, and people can start bidding.

Others will allow you to pay a set amount which is only taken when and if you get the name.

It really all depends how bad you want a domain and how long you want to wait.

I have used and recommend and Snapnames is the most widely used and reputable company for catching domain names.

Godaddy, from all of the reviews I have read, is cheaper than most ($20) if you get the name, but they are not very efficient with .coms and .nets. Pool and Namewinner seems to be alright, but a lot of serious domainers do not
use them.

Once you get the name, just redirect it at the registrar like you did before and optimize the advertising content. 


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