Safeguard Your Investment: Have an Expert Guide on Your Side

Have an expert to hand when buying a website.

Get help with

- Valuation
- Verifying The Figures
- Validating The Traffic
- Other Due Diligence
- Draft Legal Forms (NDA/ LoI / Sales Contract etc)
- General Advice Through The Buying Process
- Lots More

My name is Clinton. I'm the recognised expert on all aspects of website buying and selling. Not convinced? Read this. You can get due diligence help for free by talking to the very savvy folk at my forums, but if you want me to do the job myself you'll need to fill the form below.

Charges: Charges start from 1% of the purchase price with a minimum of $3,000. I take payment in advance. Please note, though, that I'm semi-retired so take on only very limited amounts of work. If the charges are acceptable and you'd like to enquire about how I can help you, save you money and reduce your risk, please fill the form below:

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Confidentiality is at the heart of the consultancy work I do. Your parish priest is more likely to leak your confession than I am to let anyone get their hands on even your email address.