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The general practice of setting up parked domains is pretty trivial.

The downside in writing a huge tutorial is that each registrar is different and parking company is different, but they all have pretty common functionality.

Each parking service is different as well. In each case, it should go something pretty similar to this:
1) Create an account at the parking service
2) Log in
3) Add the domain names you will be forwarding to your list
4) Customize the domain's pages if they allow that option
5) Make a note of how you need to forward your domain. Typically either a web address or a nameserver.
6) Log into your domain registrar.
7) Find where it says “Transfer” or “Nameservers” or “Forward”
8) Within that panel, there should be a way to change your domain so it forwards to either a "URL" or a "nameserver"
9) Pick whichever one suits you based on the information you wrote down from the parking service.

Just and FYI - waiting for all of the transfers to happen can take a couple of days. It is usually done within a couple hours though. If it doesn't happen right away, don't freak out. There are some things you can do to speed up the updates - contact your registrar and ask them to assist you to lower the domain's TTL (Time to Live).

Once the domain starts forwarding correctly, make sure you check and make sure that everything is updated and ready to go. Also, double check that your ads are being served properly.

Just one word of caution – a lot of times ads themselves will take a couple days to update in terms of content.

If you have a keyword of "business intelligence" and the ads are reading as something pertaining to blogs, then if you're using Adsense you just wait for the Google Adsense spider to crawl the pages a couple times to get a "feel" for your content.

Tweak, Tweak, and Tweak

One of the best things to do is monitor your click throughs at least every other day. You simply log into the parking service provider and evaluate the information there. You can see how many times your page was brought up on a browser, how much each click was worth, etc. On a service like Namedrive, you can hone in your keywords to serve relevant content quite easily.

The more you tweak and monitor and play with your design, templates, and keywords – the better you will do in the long run.


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