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When picking domain names, it is always a good idea
to get onto a domain registrar with an idea or a list of
domain names that look like winners.

The true art of domaining lies in the research that you do before you even think about 1&1 or Godaddy (registrars). This research oftentimes isn't tedious or hard, but necessary to having a profitable portfolio. It can also take up a bit of time, so be prepared.

The absolute key is learning where to find good information.
For anyone who is a blogger, this comes secondhand to you. Bloggers scour the Internet for news and information at a remarkable speed. They employ all sorts of different email strategies and alerts in order to have fresh, interesting content to talk about.

Let's dig a little deeper into just how one can gather information on the Internet, very rapidly.


In considering websites for source material, think about your niche. For instance, mine is business and technology.
Do a search for those things, although I suspect that you have a pretty good idea of where to go when you want the latest and greatest information.

Right at the top of my favorite information sites are TechCrunch, Slashdot, and TechMeme.

I am sure you know who the authority is in your own niche, visit them and keep up to date on what is happening.

RSS Feeds

Once you get to your favorite website, see if they have an RSS feed.

In case you are unfamiliar with RSS feeds, the quick
and dirty version is that RSS feeds give you constant
updates of your favorite websites.

Blogs have them. Bigger news sites are getting them. AllRSS Logo you do is click on the little orange button (like the one shown on the right), add it to your feed reader of choice, and monitor it accordingly. For my purposes, I use Google Reader.

Gather up a bunch of website feeds which have good, keyword rich content, and then make it a habit to look through the entries everyday.


Another favorite of mine is Google Alerts. What Alerts do is allow you to input a phrase that you want to search, and email you everything that happened on the previous day.
These quick searches are nice because it allows you to find an area of interest and scour the web daily for new information. If a product or service is being released, you will be the first to know about it.

You can set them up for on the spot, daily, or weekly updates. The key here is to input future oriented keywords, such as WiMax, GPS, or Solar Energy.

Choose whatever pertains to your niche.

Every time an article with those keywords is posted, you get notified.

Processing the Data

Now that you have access to this plethora of content, the trick is knowing what to do with it.

When I first got into domaining (and blogging) I was really interested in a technology called WiMax. For our purposes, what WiMax does is cover a 20 or so mile area with a WiFi signal. Basically, it is blanket wireless coverage.

While I was monitoring all of my different news feeds, I started to see that the area was getting hot (2006). I went and registered about 15 domain names with WiMax being keywords somewhere in the domain name. Some examples include:

Once I registered the names, I populated them with a domain parking service named Namedrive, making out pretty well for myself.

Getting back to the content you have gathered, look for a couple different things.

- New words or phrases in literature
- New technologies that are in development
- New web terms (podcast, wiki)
- New plays on words
- New niches

This information will rarely be given to you as, “Wiki is a new term that will be huge.” You have to figure that out for yourself.

Look in the content for new words and phrases. Skim through it. You don't need to read every single entry or article - that would take ages.

Once you get good at it, just watch the titles of the entries. You will start to get a feel for what is good and what isn't.

I have seen people say that once they started blogging, everything is subject to a blog entry. Honestly, you will start to see domaining the same way.

When you see an advertisement with a domain name, you will instantly critique it. Did they buy it from a private investor? Maybe they just got lucky and registered it outright. Either way, you will begin to get an
understanding of the intricacies of being a professional domainer.


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