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Have you ever heard of the domainer, Yun Ye?

Probably not.

He is widely regarded as the grandfather of domain monetization. In fact, his daily earning of $100,000 is simply staggering.

In 2004, Ye sold his domain empire for $164 million to Marchex, a publicly traded company. His portfolio consisted of over 100,000 domains which was making him $20 million a year in revenue.

Since the transaction, Ye wasn't ever heard from again. How did he find such profitable domain names? Simple. He waited for other people to lapse on their renewals.

Do you know what happens when you don't renew your domain name?

It gets placed back into the pool of available names to be registered after anywhere from 15 to 60 days of you failing to pay for another year (it is different based on the registrar).

What Yun Ye did was write a program, something that would be pretty simple in visual basic today, which would go out and check what names were about to lapse, or Ądrop' in today‟s language. His software would then purchase the names exactly when it was about to re-enter the public database. This was in the mid 90's.

Since then, major companies have formed which let you do the same thing, usually by bidding. You can go to any one of the various 'drop catching' services and see what domain names are about to drop, and then bid on them. The highest bidder gets the name. The costs are quite a bit more than your average domain name registration, but if that domain name is getting traffic, it is now yours to capitalize on.


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