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Domain parking is the bread and butter of domaining. How this works is a web service will set up advertising on the home page of your domain name.

This advertising is served by one of the hundreds of contextual advertising agencies online. When a customer clicks on the ad, they get redirected to the advertiser's site. You then get a piece of that price that was set for the
advertising that took place. If you look at it from a webmaster's point of view, the model is no different
than Google Adsense.

When you place the snippet of Google code on your site, and someone clicks on the link, you get part of that money exchanged. Domain parking is no different in terms of monetization. You split the total with the advertising company, based on their model. The beauty is that you
don't have to build or maintain the website! They do it for you.

As far as parking services, I recommend Namedrive or Sedo. Namedrive's Pay Per Click (PPC) method far surpasses any other parking company, in my opinion. I made 3000% more at Namedrive than any other aggregator, or parking service, the first month I was there. They also offer selling tools as

Sedo, however, has some tools that allow integration into your website or blog. They also have an affiliate program, domain auctioning services, and a professional plan as well.


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