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There are several major players in the domain parking industry which I want to talk about. Granted, this isn't an exhaustive list, but I want to go over the ones I have used or have access to.

Some of the major companies in the parking industry are:
Domain Sponsor
Sedo Pro

There are some things that you need to look at in evaluating parking services:

1. Who customizes the parked content? - If you do it, it is more work, but you can completely target the niche your domain name was purchased for.
2. What settings can be changed? - Header, sidebars…
3. What is the payout? (always a need to know!!)
4. How often is the payout?
5. What is the site wide click through rate (CTR)?
6. Do they offer selling services?
7. How many domains do you need to have in order to get involved in the service?

Customize The Parked Page

This might come as a shock to you, but in order to actually earn money domaining, you have to do a little bit of work…
That work is usually only defined in customizing the pages that each domain name is redirected to. These things include sidebars and headers, colors and styles, etc.

The one thing that sets each of the services apart, though, is how they come up with the paid advertisements that they are serving up on your page. Some services randomly generate the ads based on a proprietary algorithm which is locked away in their closet. Others let you define the keywords that the parking service has to consider each time the page is displayed.

I have had tremendously more success with the services that allow me to customize my keywords. Usually, there is only one reason why I buy a domain name - because I can think of a way that it should be developed in he future, if the need ever came up. If you don't have a vision for what the website might do or look like, don't by the domain name.

The more influence you have over what kinds of ads are served, the more money you will make; hands down.

Parking Payout

One thing under pretty intense scrutiny lately is the amount of payout that a domainer gets when ads are clicked on their sites.

A parking company has the authority to share any amount of the profit as they want. Typically, you see splits like 50/50. Some companies even allow the domain owner 70%.

Keep in mind that these percentages are often times negotiable. If you have a couple thousand domain names that are generating $6,000 a month in revenue, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and negotiate.

Most likely, the parking company won't want to lose you and will accept a lower commission for their efforts.

Generally, parking services pay out once a month, but more and more are providing biweekly paychecks. For those few people who domain professionally, this is as close a thing that they have to a real job!

Site Wide Click Through Rate

One thing to keep in mind while shopping for a parking provider is the ad click through rate.

When I first got into domaining, it was a process to find which of the services did indeed serve the best advertisements based on page position and payout. After experimenting with the various services, I found that a page set up so there is very little "white-space" works well.

Also, if there is little to no indication that you are looking at links, the better the pages perform.

What the site wide click rate says is this: Out of 100 unique visits, the site received 2 clicks, resulting in 2% click through. Common sense says the higher the percentage, the better the ad optimization will be.

Selling Services

Domainers oftentimes look at selling services as part of the whole parking package. The reason - what better way to advertise than to have a link on your site?

A lot of the more popular parking applications will allow you to register your site as "for sale" or allow you to bid on other sites.

There is both an upside and a downside to this. For one, if someone is looking to buy and it says it's for sale, then they can simply place an inquiry right on the site. The domain owner is notified that someone is interested, and the negotiating starts.

The drawback is that if a random person comes to your site and sees a for sale banner, they will consciously or unconsciously think that something is fishy. They most likely will click off, never to return and absolutely not
click anything.

I like selling services personally. They have been very handy in the past, although sometimes their commissions are a bit high (10-15%). Either way, a lot of parking services will let you auction off your domain without any
moderation whatsoever!

How Many Domains Do You Need To Have?

The last distinction which might be a limiter in picking a domain parking service is their restriction concerning how many domains you own.

Most of the services don't have a limit at all. Some, however, do.

Fabulous and Domain Sponsor have minimum limits, but are both fantastic services. They just cater to domainers with extensive portfolios. Fabulous in terms of the number of domains you own, and Domain Sponsor in terms of how many page views they get a day.

Most of the companies don't care whether you are bringing 1 or 1,150 domains to the table.

After all, money is money – for you and the parking service!


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