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There are two different philosophies when it comes to domain name sales; the brute force approach and the passive approach.

The brute force style of selling domain names is when a domainer does everything in his/her power to make the sale. They go and get the domain name appraised by a couple different agencies, list it at several high profile
sites, mark the domains as "for sale" in the WHOIS directory, etc.

Basically, they use every possible outlet to communicate that they are trying to sell the name.

These types of people usually settle for considerably less than what the domain name is appraised at.

On the other hand, passive domainers simply hold a portfolio, monetize that portfolio as best they can, and wait for an investor to contact them.

Typically, these transactions are considerably higher, but happen less.

The reason being the purchaser of an unadvertised domain is usually an end user. This person or group has plans for the domain name in terms of launching a service or new business. They need the name for things other than investment.

End users are looking to build brands.

One time, I registered a domain name for $5.99 at 1&1. Two weeks later, I got an email from a private investor in Denmark. Little did I know that he was releasing a service that coincided with the domain name I just registered.

I had it appraised professionally, the full value exceeded $16,000. The purchaser and I settled for $6,100 in a private transaction. The way I saw it, I made $6,094 profit in two weeks. Not a bad return on investment. 

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