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Top ten tips to sell your site via Site For Sale forums

1. Read our top ten tips on preparing your site for sale.

2. We have a list of forums that accept sites for sale. Dropping into each forum can give a taste for its "culture", what makes it tick, how busy it is, what type of sites are generally listed. You don't need to register as a member till you decide to list your site. Most fora have fairly basic rules but one or two insist that if you're listing your site with them you can't list it elsewhere. It pays to read each forum's brief rules on what's allowed in their Site For Sale section.

3. Pick your forum or forums and register. Even if you are already a member you may want to consider registering in a new name - for various reasons. Old names may generate respect - or ridicule - depending on how you used the nick. If you're new to the forum - or registering a new handle - it may pay to build up a double digit post count by participating in a few threads and making a few useful contributions. Choose the threads and comments carefully as buyers may be using them to judge the type of person you are.

4. Plan the title of your post. This is probably THE most important part of your sales process and it's amazing how many people just can't be bothered to do it properly. Potential buyers don't always read every thread. They scan through the titles and choose which threads they are going to visit. You have about three seconds to impress them and persuade them to visit yours. Make a list of the top three USPs (unique selling points) and try to abbreviate them into the title.

Example of bad titles:

- Buy my site (doesn't give the buyer a reason to read your thread)
- FANTASTIC SITE, GREAT PRICE, SEE THIS NOW (all caps is immature)
- (so what? What about your
- (Unless you've drop-caught a domain like don't waste title space)
- Site 4 sale: $5,000 (Abbrv. are OK as long as they R not txt talk)
- Site 4 sale: $5,000 (Apart from weeding out low budget buyers this title is useless)

Examples of well thought out titles

- Proxy site, 2K daily uniques, $36K profit lat year, PR6, 3 yrs old
- Adsense site, unique football content, $40 per day stable earnings
- Tech site with 6 DMOZ listings, 8 years old, PR7, low BIN (BIN = Buy It Now price)