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The second way to monetize domain names is less in the realm of domaining than in the web development.

In fact, there is only one way in which I feel they are related; when a domain name is developed in such a way that it draws traffic or clicks, but does not require any effort.

If you have to develop a domain name in such a way that requires constant monitoring, then why develop it? If you have 700 domains in your portfolio, how many can you legitimately monitor?

There are two aspects of development which I feel relate to domaining - is news feeds and personal advertising.
Using news feeds to maintain up to the minute information is commonly referred to as splogging. In fact, some people downright despise it, but it is profitable. I don't really see what the big deal is as long as you aren't violating any copyright laws or stealing content. There are resources out
there that let you freely republish their content, provided you give a link back.

When you develop a website using blogging software, it is possible to write the code necessary to auto-update with news content. These news sites are worthwhile to an individual because they offer constantly updated information on one topic, or topics within a given niche. In fact, on my developed domains, I have 20-40 RSS readers.

That in itself tells me that the practice isn't all bad. But keep in mind there are some SEO negatives to all this "unoriginal content"

My advice would be to consider parking programs first. Use Namedrive or Fabulous which you read about in previous sections, and if you are still not making any money, consider getting familiar with blogging software.

Some original content blended with some automated content may be a way to balance the boat. Place ads tastefully along the perimeter or in the content. If it is not visually appealing, people will never click on them!

The second part of domain development is when a domainer builds their sites in such a way that they get self fulfilled advertising. In short, this means that the domainer gets to keep 100% of advertising revenue, rather than a percentage from a parked service. The downside is the domain needs to be insanely popular. You need to be able to justify to advertisers that the space you are selling is worth the investment. This also means that you will need more traffic stats and demographic data on your visitors so that you can provide it to advertisers upon request.

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