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What's Chitika working on?

Coming improvements

- Quicker stats
- More detailed stats
- Daily audits
- UK local listings
- France local listings
- Ads for RSS
- & for books/travel
- UK merchants
- Pounds & Euro prices
- More ad formats
- Ad preview tool


Recent developments

CHANNELS! (Nov 7th)

The code page now automates the addition of keywords to your ad code. Log into your account to see it

- Banner ads for referral program

- Totals in stats


Signed up for Chitika and not profitable?
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Update 2012: We've got a new review of Chitika that replaces this old one


Probably the most lucrative of affiliate programs if you know how to use it

And we'll tell you how ...

The long awaited Chitika Eminimalls is now live and creating a lot of excitement. As of Oct 2005 it had only about 1,500 publishers but Chitika is starting to make waves and get serious attention from the webmaster and blogging communities. Reasons:

- It stands out from the crowd of banner and text ads seen elsewhere

- It makes better use of your advertising space by adding interactivity with the user. Users love the fact that mouseover functions can get them to reviews, products and even a search without leaving your page

- It's visually more attractive than the contextual text ads on many sites

- You can use it as contextual or you can specify your own keywords or products and even rotate keywords

- You can control a lot, lot more than what you can with other programs - even things like the font in the ad!

- Less restrictive TOS than Adsense; e.g. you can modify the javascript

- You still have a vast range of standard sizes to choose from

- There is no maximum number of ads you can have to the page ...but the number one reason is this:

- It pays a lot more per click than any other contextual ad program we've tried.

There've been reports of people earning four times what they were with Adsense and there's no reason why you can't earn even more. Our feedback page has a few comments from people who've been trying Chitika eMiniMalls out. There's an over 95% satisfaction rate.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but a lot of webmasters have had spectacular results with Chitika and it costs you nothing to try it yourself. These pages hope to be the one-stop shop for all your Chitika questions.


Getting started

Advantages over other contextual programs and how to exploit them

Double or quits: Using Chitika together with Adsense and and staying compliant with both

More tips on maximising revenue

Behind the scenes at Chitika

Reasons to NOT use Chitika, Adware alerts, other caveats

Why joining now is better than joining later