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What's Chitika working on?

Coming improvements

- Quicker stats
- More detailed stats
- Daily audits
- UK local listings
- France local listings
- Ads for RSS
- & for books/travel
- UK merchants
- Pounds & Euro prices
- More ad formats
- Ad preview tool


Recent developments

CHANNELS! (Nov 7th)

The code page now automates the addition of keywords to your ad code. Log into your account to see it

- Banner ads for referral program

- Totals in stats


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How does eMiniMalls compare with Google Adsense?


To use Chitika and Adsense on the same page without violating the Terms and Conditions of either program you want this guide.


Comparing the two contextual advertising programs



Age: A few months old About 3 years old
Size: Small but growing fast Size: Market leader though there are some rumours that it has been losing publishers to YPN and Chitika.
In beta and still improving Out of beta a long time ago but still improving
Restrictions on entry: Low Restrictions on entry: Low
Appearance: All ads have graphics, text, mouseover interactivity. Visitors can search from within the ad, see price comparisons and reviews without leaving the site Mostly text ads. Some graphics ads available but they are static ads and only appear rarely
CTR: CTR is believed to be slightly lower than the CTR Adsense achieves in similar spots CTR is marginally higher than Chitika
EPC: EPC is generally much higher than Adsense Lower EPCs and SmartPricing trimming EPCs is quite common
eCPM: Effective earnings per thousand page views is higher (based on reports elsewhere and our own experiences) Lower eCPM and lower total earnings despite the higher CTR.
Disclosure: Does not allow you to disclose very much about stats/earnings Does not allow you to disclose very much about stats/earnings
TOS: Terms and Conditions: Medium/strict Terms and Conditions: Strict
Contextual ads but ability to turn off context and specific a product, keyword, keywords, or a rotation of keywords/products Contextual only. Does not allow you to specify keyword but you can mark a portion of text on the page that you want Google to base the ad-targeting on.
Search: A search facility built into the ad block No search facility with the ad unit but you can use a Google search box elsewhere on the page.
Quantity of ads: There is no limit to the number of ads you can have on the page but they recommend no more than three There is a maximum of three ads, one search box and one "Ad Links" per page
Code Modification: Several code modifications are allowed: to enable/disable search functions, to specify keywords, and various others No code modification is allowed under any conditions.
Ad sizes: 10 of the most popular ad sizes are offered ranging from 728x90 to 180x150. 11 sizes offered in all, six of which take only text ads and not image ads
Colours: a 256 colour palette is offered for Border, Background, Title, and Text a 256 colour palette is offered for Border, Background, Title, and Text and Background
Font control: Allows you to specify font, font options etc within the code. You cannot change the font
Stats: Limited stats - shows you Date | Impressions | Clicks | Revenue. They have promised to add to this and offer more stats information in due course Have refined their stats to provide a range of breakdowns - by channel, by date etc. Much better than Chitika stats for the moment
Referral program: Pays 10% of what your referred webmasters makes No referrer program
Payment terms: 30 days net 30 days net
Payment: Paypal. Cheque/Check offered if amount is more than $50. Minimum payout $10 Options of cheque by post, check by FedEx but, crucially, can also pay by electronic funds transfer to most countries but not Paypal. Minimum payout $100 but will clear sub-$100 accounts at end of each year.
Chitika pays a fixed 60% of earnings to the publisher Has a complex system called SmartPricing which discounts publisher income depending on what conversion rates their clicks generate. Google does not disclose the SmartPricing formula or how much is discounted from publishers' income. It's very much a matter of trusting them.



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