Let me be your guide through the selling or acquisition of an Internet business.


About Me

Update 2015: Please note that I am no longer providing the below services.

For buyers:

My name is Clinton. I'm a recognised expert on all aspects of website buying and selling.

Gathering and evaluating information on web businesses prior to making an acquisition calls for someone with the experience to look in the right places and ask the right questions. I have that experience.

- I've written the world's most used guide on valuing websites (published at Sitepoint).

I've provided consultancy to some of the world's leading platforms for the buying and selling of Internet businesses,  like Daltons in the UK and the large website-for-sale forums.

Every single major website listing location online uses at least one of my articles or guides.

I've provided the "stickies" in most of the well known forums where Internet businesses are sold - example at Sitepoint: How to sell your site (my user name there is FruitMedley Post) and How to sell via forums in SEF. One reader wrote in to say he would have saved over $80,000 if he had read my advice in this single post prior to buying his site. I also own and manage these forums where matters related to the buying and selling of websites are discussed.

I've helped hundreds - if not thousands - of buyers and sellers in public and in private.

Advanced material on this site, including on due diligence, transferring websites and how to make money online, was written by me.

I've dealt with/ sold / bought sites in USD, in Pounds Sterling, in Australian and Canadian dollars, in Euros, in Pesos and in Rs and paisa. I've bought blogs; affiliate sites; content sites; scrapers and MFA sites; blackhat, whitehat and greyhat sites; sites selling physical products and sites selling ebooks; search engines; proxies; social networking sites to myspace trinket sellers; incentivised and reward sites; directories and link farms; ezines and forums; ringtone to pharmaceutical sites; even databases, portfolios of parked domains, scripts, ebooks and adware tools - a wide spectrum!

There are many revenue generation methods and an even wider range of scams, ways to inflate traffic/earnings and ways to under-quote inputs such as time and advertising ... and you want me on your side because I've seen most ruses and can spot them a mile away.

I've been hands-on in the valuing, checking, buying, running, maintaining, optimising and selling websites worth a total of several million dollars in the last decade and I've helped numerous buyers like you.

I've developed my own unique due-diligence tools that you can't buy for love or money. I would use them on any due diligence I perform for you.

I have my own draft copies of legal forms like NDAs, contracts of sale etc., that you would have access to.

I'm your sounding board and actually work with you assisting not just with the DD but with related questions you may have.

I've not had a single dissatisfied client.

I don't believe you'll find any one in the world more qualified to assist you with the buying of Internet businesses in the $50K - $900K bracket.


For sellers:

I can help you by

- advising you on how to maximise your selling price
- assisting with choosing the right venue for selling
- preparing the sales memorandum
- devising the best selling strategy for your particular site
- helping with the listing for sale
- negotiating with buyers
- answering questions you may have along the way

Free Valuation: I'm an authority on valuing websites and I can provide you a free valuation and  detail the reasons behind the valuation.

Free documents: Why pay for expensive legal documents? I have draft Memoranda of Sale, Letters of Intent, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Contracts for Sale etc., that you can use as templates.

Safety: Just using an escrow company isn't safety enough. Even if it's the most respected escrow company out there, there are still numerous ways you can be scammed. I'll help you stay safe and get your money.

Speed: All buyers conduct some due diligence prior to making a purchase. I lend my expertise to minimise the due diligence stage and to prevent the bane of sellers: last minute drop-outs.

Security: All enquiries are handled in the strictest confidence and with discretion. Unlike with a public listing or auction, you won't spook your customers, advertisers, forum users, competitors or others.

Smooth transfer: Transferring a site can often be very tricky and there are numerous pitfalls lurking for the unwary. Use my familiarity with the process to ensure a smooth transfer.

I look forward to working with you.

Have me assist you with your sale or purchase.