Making money from Public Domain Material

(By a guest writer)

Simple Ideas to Profit from Public Domain Material

For many of you, this is the section you are here to read. In the other earlier sections posted here we've covered the basics about public domain material, please have a look at them if you haven't already:

Understanding copyright law
What is Public Domain?
How to find Public Domain material?
Simple Ideas to profit from Public Domain material ... read about them here.

I have taught you how and where to find valuable public domain material, some of the laws and regulations that govern the use of such material and more information that is very important to your success in this business, so do not overlook what I have given you. Without the proper knowledge your chances of making money with public domain works are slim to none, the number one most important trick to making money with public domain material is the art of successfully sourcing these works that are of value.

By using public domain material you have a unique opportunity to truly make incredible profits from freely available works created by some of the most famous artists in our history. This is also a very niche market that few entrepreneurs are familiar with, which means you have less competition than you would in other industries. So enough with all of the talk, lets get on with making some money.

Public Domain Material Meets the Online Auction Marketplace

When you get something for free the best way to sell it is at a profit. And one of easiest ways of getting into the business of selling things is via ebay. So, how do you make a profit selling public domain material in ebay? Read on for seven simple steps.

Start Your Very Own Video and Image Directory or Website

An even better business to buying at $0 and selling for more is to buy for $0 and sell for $0. Giving things away for free never fails to make you popular. And get your website a lot of visitors. But how do you make a profit? Simple. Have enough visitors and companies will pay good money to advertise on your site/blog/forum. Here are four tips to get your started.

Use Government Forms and Documents as a Foundation for Your Own Ebook

Governments collect and collate so much of data it's incredible. And most of that is available for free. Either use that data as is, extract useful bits, combine it with other free stuff to leverage its usefulness, or offer a unique insight/review. Five ideas for you.

Using Public Domain Images

Remember that not only can you use this free material, you can also modify, recreate, re-package or otherwise combine it with other value-add material. Five pointers.

Short Stories and Poems Are Always a Favorite

Book compilations are big business. Put a few short stories together and you've got a compilation. Millions of those short stories out there are just waiting to be compiled. But that's not all. Have a look at these three >>

Don't Forget the Audio Channels

Public Domain music presents several opportunities on its own. But there's also classic radio shows, speeches, lectures, audio books, and lots more. Click here for some creative audio ideas.