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Make money using PPC advertising

(By a guest writer)

Pay Per Click Advertising: From Zero To Profit

The fastest way to go from $0 to $1000+ per day on the internet is, some claim, with pay per click advertising. It's risky, it's volatile, but it can be extremely rewarding if done correctly.

There are numerous examples like the entrepreneur who went from no experience with PPC to $700 a day within his first week. It takes some capital to get started - small amounts - but if you've got the money and the motivation to give it a shot, you may find yourself striking gold.

When I say it's risky, I'm not talking risky like playing roulette in Vegas. If you're smart, creative, and hard working, you can easily tip the odds in your favour and build up a long term profitable business with PPC.

For the purposes of this guide, I'm going to assume that you don't have any experience at all in this area. The beginning of the guide might be a little basic for some of you, but there are going to be plenty of advanced tactics discussed as well.

I highly recommend reading the entire guide before getting started. There are a lot of pieces to the PPC puzzle, but I will try my best to put them all together by the end.

So sit back, enjoy, and let's learn how to make some money.

What You'll Need

You're going to need a few things to get started. Any business requires a solid foundation to stand on, and PPC advertising is no exception. You'll need a minimum of $50-$100 to start out with, the more initial capital the better.

A Product To Sell

For our purposes, we're going to be promoting affiliate offers. These methods can work well for just about any product or service, but if you need something to promote, I highly recommend the following networks:

Commission Junction - Commission Junction is the industry leader in affiliate marketing. They handle huge affiliate campaigns for companies such as Ebay, Yahoo, And

Clickbank - Clickbank specializes in selling digital, downloadable products such as ebooks and software.

Azoogleads - Azoogle is an industry leader in lead acquisition marketing. They have some of the best dating, ring tone, and insurance offers in the industry.

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs around. The ones listed above have proven to be highly reputable companies who have high converting offers and payout on time. It's a good idea to focus on one or two networks at first, and those three companies make for a great starting point.

An Advertising Avenue

Google Adwords
Yahoo Search Marketing
Microsoft Adcenter

These are the “big three” when it comes to search engines. I recommend starting out with Yahoo or Adcenter if you're new, since there is less competition, but over the long run you're going to want to use or at least test out all three networks in order to maximize your profits.

A Website

SE MarketingA website, more commonly referred to as a “landing page” in the affiliate marketing world, is vital. Yes, there are campaigns where you can link directly to the advertisers offer, but in 99% of all cases I highly recommend a landing page.

A landing page allows you to sell the customer on the product you're promoting. It also allows you to deal with “quality score” issues, which will be discussed in depth later in the article.

Another good reason for a landing page is that most search engines only allow one advertisement per URL. That means if you're direct linking your ad won't show if other advertisers are outbidding you.

We'll talk in depth about landing pages later. If you can't build a website, learn, or be prepared to pay a designer because landing pages are vitally important.

Getting Started

Just like any business, you need a solid marketing plan. Sign up with one or more of the networks mentioned above, and start browsing through the offers.

Find a few offers that you might be interested in promoting. Brainstorm some marketing ideas that you can use to promote them. Talk to your affiliate manager about conversion rates, hot offers, and get some ideas from them. They're there to help.

Don't jump in just yet though. If you're new, stay away from high competition niches such as dating, ringtones, and insurance. There's easier offers to convert, and the last thing you need when you first start out is 10 campaigns that lose you money. Write down 5-10 offers that interest you, and you can start the research process.


I highly recommend that you download the SEO Firefox Plug in from It allows you to quickly check out the search volume and competition on any keyword that you type in to Google. While you're at it, bookmark Seobook, they have a number of useful tools that are free.

What you're looking for here are keywords that have high search volume with little competition, or a bunch of keywords with low search volume, and little competition. These keywords won't bring much traffic by themselves, but they add up nicely.

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