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Automated Website Tools

Some notes on these tools:

First, they may not be 100% accurate.

Second, the tool providers may be tracking what you are searching for.

Third, people may advertise more sophisticated tools that perform a combination of functions provided by the free tools below but we've never found any worth paying money for, except perhaps Wordtracker. Actually, even that is not always necessary anymore. Their free tool provides a lot of functionality, and signing up for Google Adwords gives you access to Adwords' phenomenal keyword tools, keyword suggestions and search volumes.

Fourth, some like Domain Tools may require a basic free registration (and charge for more detailed historic data and alerts). And finally, as many of tools rely on APIs (program interfaces) provided by companies like Google the tools may sometimes be unavailable because the tool website exceeded their quota of searches for the day.

There may be some overlap in the functionality of different tools offered at the various sites below.

1. The most basic tools are probably ones you use everyday. Like Google, Google Trends etc. It's amazing what you can find when you get familiar with SEs' advanced commands. The command should give you the links going to all pages on the site, not just to the homepage. But you can exclude links coming from other parts of the Microsoft site by changing the search to ScrutinizeThis is a fantastic site with a massive array of tools and we highly recommend it.

Related links:

Advanced Google commands | Advanced Yahoo commands

2. DNS Report used to be good. And free. But it's moved to a paid model now. Robtex gives you IP, who shares it, who hosts that IP and which name servers are used.

Other good DNS tools include 4 DNS tools and IP Tools. Try the domain name (or IP) in the various search boxes and you can get plenty of free information on DNS and CNAME vulnerabilities. (Useful for other stuff too. Have a visitor's IP? You can find the Internet Service Provider who owns it and the geographical location  (alternate link) of the visitor.)

Due Diligence And Website Buying Assistance3. While Sillyjokes makes some sense of Alexa rankings, Metricsmarket, Quantcast and Compete uses those and other ranks to extrapolate a monthly traffic figure. While at Alexa don't miss the extremely useful Archive. It allows you to see how a site used to look, a key part of due diligence.

4. Google Sets: Can be used together with the Google Directory (which is a copy of DMOZ) to establish topical relationships.

5. Reverse IP check. See the other sites sharing this IP. They are possibly either owned by the same person or are seen by some SEs to be closely related even if they only share the same hosting company. Samspade is another useful site; it traceroutes, deciphers and does other clever things. Lookup and trace IP addresses and hosts.

6. Handy Dandy PR Guide: There's no excuse for not understanding the green pixels. PR predictors aren't very reliable and serve only to amuse. PR of a page is easily faked and there are several fake PR detectors of varying reliability.

7. Overture Tools: You can search for how popular a search term is for Yahoo customers... and see how expensive ads in this subject area are. The related Google Adwords tool has some interesting features like search trends that you may want to explore.

8. Golexa will tell you what words phrases the site ranks best for. It will also give you an idea of the type of keywords it advertises with Adwords. URL trends and Marketleap consolidate IBL checking results while WeBuildPages has some more advanced backlink checking tools.

9. Netcraft allows you to check what software a server is running and how reliable that server is (server uptime)

10. Copyscape: Useful for finding copyright violations.


Other Tool Collections (some SEO tools are useful for site analysis too).

1. eBizValuations (a single tool with multiple results)

2. An extensive list of excellent tools

3. SEO Book

4. SEO Company

5. SEO Chat

6. Digital Point

More Interesting Tools


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