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Spreadsheets you can download

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Top Recommended spreadsheet: Create your own income (Profit & Loss) statement and balance sheet. Type in your figures and this spreadsheet will also work out all your key financial ratios.


Discounted Cash Flow Analysis spreadsheet (Credit: by Robert C. Higgins - Analysis for Financial Management)

Time value basics: Input your interest rate and it will tell you present value/future value for a given sum. Various sheets offer car loan and mortgage type calculations.

Can't be bothered calculating time value? Here is an rtf document of present value tables for various interest rates. And the theory on valuing websites is here.

Choosing the right business valuation model - based on inputs it will tell you whether DCF or other models are appropriate for your business. (Credit: Aswant Damodaran)

Various Free Cash Flow valuation models: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Credit: Aswant Damodaran)

A spreadsheet to compare projects and explain Internal Rate of Return

Simple Cash Flow Projection. (Credit: Arkansas Small Business Development Center)

Shows valuation using cash flows (capital, equity and free cash flows)

Projection Analysis: Change key earnings figures and see how your charts change.

Business Financial Analysis Template. Warning: This is a self-extracting exe file. Tested clean, but download at your own risk. Credits: Small Business Technology Center

Extract Domains: If you've used Yahoo Site Explorer or a similar tool to see who links to your website you can use this spreadsheet to filter out multiple links from the same domain. Paste the links in the first column of the first sheet and type Cntr + Shift + E. (Works in Excel, may not work in other spreadsheet programs). The second sheet does the same for TLDs. You can add your own TLDs to the list. Credits: spgazette.

Where I have been unable to source authors I apologise if I have used your work without credit and am willing to remove it or give you full credit if you contact me.