Raising your earnings by raising your traffic

(by a guest writer)

Whatever your business, quality traffic can be converted to money.

It is no a big secret that many of the Social book marking sites can send an amazing amount of traffic very quickly.  In fact, several of these sites - Digg being the most notorious - are known for sending so much traffic in a short amount of time that they can crash your web site. The best part of all of this is that your web site or blog doesn't have to be popular for this to happen, you just need to know your way around the social communities. 

So aside from crashing your web site, what does all of this traffic do for you? If you have implemented pay per click advertising on your site, something like Google Adsense or even affiliate advertising from many of the affiliate networks out there today, there's a small amount of money to be made from the clicks.  But bigger opportunities are more long term effects of this traffic surge.

raise your earnings by increasing your trafficOne is bringing in new advertisers - the month to month type.  Selling advertising space is where many web masters make the real money.  There are some blogs out there that make six figure sums per month purely on advertising.  It is virtually impossible to acquire respectable advertisers with low traffic stats.  The reason being, that if an advertiser is going to pay you per month, more visitors is better than less.

By increasing your traffic through the use of Social Book marking and Social Networking, you will be able to appeal to advertisers, offering them what they want: exposure!  Even though the large amounts of traffic from a front page article only last a short while, your regular traffic will continue to be display longer term hikes, due in part to the additional links.  From some reports, each time you manage a front page article, your overall traffic increases by ten to twenty percent.

Basically, what all of this boils down to is that if you are not already using Social Networking to acquire traffic, you need to be.  You are missing out on a great opportunity, that for the most part is easily obtainable, even for relative newcomers. There are several good sites dedicated to helping you master social networking and the driving of traffic using social networking and social bookmarking and that's outside the remit of this article, but have a look at these:

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