Work From Home Making Money with Networking and Bookmarking Sites

(by a guest writer)

Yes, you can earn money working from home with various social networking and book marking business ideas.

The last time we released an article on home business opportunities, it was this one: 101 Ways to make money online, in the middle of 2007. Do you know what happened to it? Within 48 hours it attracted over 100,000 visitors, got linked to from hundreds of other sites/blogs, and is now the premier article on the net about making money from home. Google lists it at #1 for terms like "101 ways to make money". Ah! you say, that's a very specific search term with only 11,000 search results - not that difficult to rank for at all. Try this:

#1 out of 37,800,000 for make money from home click for larger image/proof (Google)

#2 out of 13,500,000 for home business ideas (another page of ours is at #1) click for larger image/proof (Google)

#1 out of 32,500,000 in Yahoo  click for larger image/proof

and lots more. All hugely competitive terms, terms that various search engines and sites believe we have the best information on.

Why tell you this? It's to do with credibility. Making money online is something a million blogs talk about, something that very few actually do, and something that even fewer do successfully. But, the prospect of making money from home, in your pyjamas, is always attractive. That's why opportunists try to sell you ebooks on ditching your job and getting rich online. Many have been written by people with no experience in making money themselves. Besides, what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you so it's likely a waste of money anyway.

That's why we've assembled this article. It's as big as an ebook, or even bigger, but it's free and anybody can use it to start making money today.

There are plenty of online resources to tell you how to profit from Adsense, or by promoting debt consolidation or by blogging. This article focuses on a very specific area of online profits: the social media sites.  Why? Because the social media sites are the biggest phenomenon since the start of the internet. Add the invention of email to the startup of a search engine called Google to the development of broadband internet access ... and you still won't have a humanity-changing force as big as social media.

It's huge, huge, HUGE. And it's in its infancy, the perfect time for YOU to get stuck in. It's like being told way back in the mid-nineties that registering was a good investment at $10 (it went on to sell for $7.5 million).  Or that the start-up search engine called Google was worth investing a couple of thousands dollars in (today you'd be worth several hundred million). Social media is at that stage today. Ignore it at your peril.

We recognise that people have widely varying skills. Someone who's good at PPC advertising, monitoring his ads for response rates and using sophisticated spreadsheets to calculate the ROI on various ad campaigns/affiliate programs may be completely hopeless at building a network of friends at social networking sites. And the expert social networker may be awful at developing an application for Facebook. Don't know what any of that means? Most people don't - there are still at least a million ways you can make money from social media sites, and we'll point you in the right direction.

Who made us experts? There's nobody who's an expert on everything social media, it's too new. But we are enthusiasts, we are business people and we have spent hundreds of hours researching various social media and Web 2.0 sites. Six of us have created profiles, tried some of the ideas, been booted off networks for making mistakes, learnt what works and what doesn't. And we're sharing it with you. For nothing! Seriously, folk, for absolutely nothing!

Here's the catch - we want two things from you. Social media is so new that we, like everybody else, are still learning. If you find the information in this article useful we trust you to pay us for it by 1) signing up to our newsletter and 2) emailing us with your suggestions / success stories / general feedback. No force, no arm twisting. We need your feedback, you co-operate with us and we all learn more. But that's only if you find this article useful. It's completely voluntary and we trust you.

If you don't, we wish you all the best and we part as friends. But I'm hoping that won't happen. I'm hoping this will be the stepping board that changes your life. Do us a favour and say thanks by signing up.

You'll never kick the day job unless you do something about it NOW. So, if you don't have the time to read this article this very minute, do yourself a favour - bookmark the page.

All the very best to every single one of you.

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