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Make money today, really

How many programs have you found that you can actually make money the minute you get started, without it costing you a dime. In fact, many IFW newbies are able to make between $20 and $250 in their first 24 hours of learning these methods. Now these numbers are not going to make you rich, but chances are it will probably be the most some have ever successfully made online. The reasons you most likely won't get rich from this method is one, it actually takes quite a while to fill out some of these offers and two, for some of these offers you have to be a first timer to the program in order to be able to collect. So in other words, if you have already completed a specific offer, you will never earn from filling it out again. Now, there are some workarounds I will discuss in a little bit, but first let's go over how to get started.

There are, of course, websites that are selling these ideas, ProjectPayday is one of the most talked about (and most vilified). They will charge you around $40 to tell you much the same information that's free on this page. What they do is direct you to forums where people are actively trading these offers. There are several of these forums out there and you can usually find them by searching Google for ifw forums or incentivized freebie sites (1  | 2).

Your first step is what is called “going green” - completing your first offer or trade. Once you visit these forums you will find offers that may say "$20 to go green", or something to that effect. You can contact the trader to express interest and they usually respond right back with a link to complete the offer. Please remember one important note: most of these offers require you to accept a free trial after which your credit card will be charged for the full price of the service, so keep very good notes to avoid the charge. If you sign-up for a 7 day trial, write all of the information down and cancel after a few days and that is key to keep making money. If you are very disorganised or bad with cancelling things on time, this is not for you. You will end up spending a whole lot more than you actually make.

After going green and taking your first offer, the trader will usually pay you via PayPal. You can do this as occasionally or as often as you like and the amount of earnings is really up to you. There are anecdotal reports that some people make as much as $5,000 a month doing this. Your time and determination is a big factor in your success.

Take it to the next level

In the last section we covered starting out and many people never go beyond that, but what if you have filled out all of the available offers or you just want to make more money with a little less work? Well then, it's time to become a trader.

If you remember when you started you were accepting offers from traders to earn money, but it's no big secret that the traders are making more money than you. Every time you complete a trade you get a point, these show others how trustworthy you are and how many times you have done this; kind of like the feedback rating on eBay. After you have built yourself up in the forums, the best move is to start trading, yourself. You can join many of the various affiliate networks and find affiliates that allow you to incentivize their offers. Once you have a few, go back to these forums and make a new post, offering a percentage of the payout to others for signing-up, just as you have been doing.

You can offer as much or as little as you would like, but remember that the more you offer the easier it will be to gain new referrals. So let's say your affiliate pays you $25 for a new sign-up, decide how much of that you are willing to pay out - say $10 - and run your offer. You have now managed to make $15 for half of the work you were doing before.

An important thing to note is that your affiliate company usually only pays once a month on average, but when someone completes an offer you will be required to pay them right away. So you will need to have the money on hand to pay your referrals and wait to collect your payment on the affiliate schedule. You may also find that a lot of programs offer bonuses for reaching certain targets of referrals.

The Conclusion

IFWs are a great easy way to make money and, best of all, the amount you make is determined by the amount of effort you are willing to put in. Is this a way to great riches? Probably not but it is possible to make a living or supplement your current wages. As with all new ventures, do your homework to make sure this method is for you, as everyone's interests are different. Stay organised and, most of all, have fun!

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