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Sample memorandum of sale for the sale of a website

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This is a sample memorandum of sale for the sale of a website assuming you don't already have a business plan.


Memorandum of Sale

Last revised: __/__/____

Confidentially offered for sale:

Domain name, content and all rights in the website described below:


Minimum of USD30,000 (Thirty Thousand US Dollars)


Full agreed price via cheque/bank transfer/escrow on completion of contract. Cash is also acceptable. UK VAT may be payable depending on the circumstances.

Seller: Mr XYZ
Address: 1 Any Road, Anytown, ZZ1 1ZZ
Phone: 0700000000 (mobile)
Phone: 0123456789 (work – please exercise discretion)
Email Address:

About the owners: Mr XYZ is a professional website developer.


100% of the ownership of the site rests with the seller. While you can normally check ownerships of sites online via WHOIS services there is special exemption for owners of “” domains who can choose to not have their personal details publicly available. However, ownership can be verified via the Nominet issued certificate held by the seller. If it serves as reassurance the seller would also be happy to work via an escrow service if the buyer pays the escrow fees.

The domain registration fees are paid up to 1st of August, 2___.

Solicitors’/accountants’ fees

Buyer and seller will pay for their own professional advice.


The site is hosted with ABC Hosting (abchosting dot net) under their “Value” plan currently at circa UKP8.25 per month. The seller will pay the hosting fees under this plan till such time the site is transferred to the new owners. Details of what is provided under this hosting plan and with this hosting company can be found on the host’s website. There is no obligation to continue using this host and the new owners can host the site elsewhere if they prefer. Seller will take all reasonable steps and use his experience to help a smooth transition.

The site has it’s own IP not shared with any other site, the IP currently being There is a nominal charge for this “unique” IP service but it is an optional service and not required for the running of this site; most sites do not have a unique IP (they share an IP with other clients of the hosting company).

Legal issues with the domain name

There are no known legal issues with the domain name and none are expected to arise. The seller also owns the .net and .com versions of the name which will be provided to the buyer.

What the site is about

The site is a hobby site for Mr XYZ used as a place to post articles and comments about widgets and widget related services. It was designed to be a site that would never be “complete” and that content/ articles/ comments/ new pages etc would be added as and when time permitted. To date there have been several articles posted on the site, many of them considered a high enough quality for other sites to post unsolicited links to. There is no obligation on new owners to post regular articles, or to post any articles at all.

The Business Plan

Don't already have one? But, you do. It's just that it's in your head and if you put it down on paper it makes your whole operation look a lot more professional, organised, and prepared for the future. Click here for a free sample business plan and business plan templates or learn to write your own business plan.

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