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PPC Software, PPC Tools, Free PPC

(By a guest writer)

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Pay Per Click Software

Managing PPC campaigns can be a time consuming process. There are specialist programs to help handle bid management and optimisation. Some of them even work to analyse your landing page and improve the quality of the page - this reduces bid costs and improves CTRs and conversions.

Get Free PPC Ads

Despite the apparent oxymoron, you can get ads for free on some of the PPC networks. Yahoo, Google and other PPC networks often give away vouchers or a certain value of free ads as special offers and promotions or tempters to get you to sign up. Very often there are no strings attached and you don't need to spend any of your own money to avail of these offers. Sites like these: 1 2 3.


This isn't an end all guide to pay per click advertising. In fact, even if you follow this guide step by step you'll probably fail. There are a million ebooks promising riches through pay per click advertising, but the truth is it's an art form.

You have to be motivated. You will lose money sometimes. You'll need the patience to spend 20 hours working on a campaign only to have it lose you a few hundred dollars.

The key to success is to keep trying new things. Most of thePPC Chart - Market Share 2007 time you'll get marginal results. Sometimes you'll hit a home run and find a gold mine that can earn you thousands of dollars a day. But you don't need a home run. You need a series of base hits. The goal is to build up as many semi automated income streams as possible.

It takes money to make money. But once you have 5-6 campaigns earning you $50 a day each, well, that's not bad money considering you'll only have to check on them maybe once or twice a week.

Hard work, creativity, testing, tracking, tweaking, and always learning. That my friends is the key to building up profitable, automated income streams with pay per click advertising.

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