Specialist Social Networks and Bookmarks

(by a guest writer)

Web 2.0 directories like econsultant and GoToWeb2 have hundreds of entries for social networking, bookmarking and other web 2.0 sites in numerous categories from literature to porn.  

Take the literature sites, for example.  Some offer services like trading, selling and promoting books.

Authors of books, articles, online reports, blogs etc can use several of these services to promote their work to larger audience. 

BookSaleScout.com is an online community of people interested in selling their books across the U.S.

BooksConnect is a Social Network that connects readers with writers and publishers from around the world.

Pazap.com is another book trading service that allows students to buy and sell used books at bargain prices.

ConnectViaBooks is a Social Networking site that connects like minded book enthusiasts with each other to share their interests.

Other Web 2.0 directories include All Things Web 2.0, 2.0 WebsitesFeedMyApp, Web2list, Neobinaries and Buzzshout. These are but a small selection that can help locate a Web 2.0 company in almost any imaginable niche.

Opportunities in individual sites could vary widely and we would welcome any feedback from you on any methods/tactics you've found useful on any of these sites. Please see the grey box above.


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