Making money from social shopping

(by a guest writer)

Promoting merchandise on Social Shopping sites: Online ordering is here to stay and only gets bigger year on year. Today it is a multi billion dollar industry. With the rise of Social Shopping communities it is easier than ever to bring new customers into an ecommerce web site to increase your revenue.

One of the easiest shopping community for generating traffic is Kaboodle.  If you are unfamiliar with these types of sites here's a quick low down.  Basically, the user sets up a free account and adds products he likes from any site (subject to a few restrictions).  It's just like using StumbleUpon, by going to a product page clicking the Kaboodle button in the toolbar and entering a short comment about the item the user adds that product.  Other Kaboodle members are then able to find this product in their search results and follow the link to the user's store to purchase it.  If more people comment or add a product it becomes more popular and may show up more often. Social shopping sites also represent an opportunity for you to better understand your customers and what they're looking for.

Craigslist - how to profitSome other Social Shopping sites you may take a look at are, and

Like Shopping and Social Networking? Try Social Shopping: An article from the New York Times, this covers not just the direct benefit accruing to merchants who leverage social shopping but also covers the other monetizing opportunities, e.g. from the point of view of the social shopping site itself. Merchants also find that social shopping networks are excellent sources of PPA/PPC traffic.

A run down of the major social shopping sites can be found here.

As says, there is a window of opportunity here, social shopping sites that are free at the moment aim to move to a charging model so strike while this iron is hot!

In fact, there are some who believe that social networking doesn't have a future and will ultimately become integrated with social shopping.


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