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(by a guest writer)

There are people just beginning to make huge profits from social media sites, we want you to join them!

Table of Contents

Page 1:  Start of This Article

Page 2:  This page - Table of Content

Page 3:  Who will benefit | Basics of Social Media  

Page 4:  Social Networking vs Bookmarking vs Other Web 2.0

Page 5:  Resources for Beginners

Page 6:  Making Money with Social Networking

Page 7:  Obvious: More traffic = More Money (usually)

Page 8:  Selling "Power" Accounts on Social Networks

Page 9:  Borderline Web 2.0 (but still a community)

Page 10: Promoting on Social Shopping Sites

Page 11: Making money with Facebook

Page 12: Making money with Social News websites

Page 13: Developing applications for Web 2.0 sites

Page 14: Promoting Other People's Articles

Page 15: Making Money with Myspace

Page 16: Specialist Networks Catering to Niche Demands

Page 17: User Generated Content: Youtube to Squidoo

Page 18: Social dating and matchmaking opportunities

Page 19: Conclusion