A list of resources

(by a guest writer)

This article assumes some basic knowledge of social media (or the ability to find it using links in the previous page and below). If you already have a fair idea and are a avid user of social networking and social book marking sites, feel free to skip to the next page.

Great resources to get you started:

1. To truly be great at something, such as Social Networking, you usually need to understand what it is, how it works and the history behind it.  You can gather all of this information from Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia online.

2. Pronet Advertising has a good article on using Digg.com.  The article "Beginner's Guide to Digg", has some wonderful information for those new to this social giant. 

3. For those of you out there that are visual learners, Common Craft.com has a fun, informative little video that can really help you understand why Social Networks exist, and why they have grown so popular, so quickly.  The video is under two minutes in length, but well worth taking a look at.

4. WhatIsSocialNetworking.com has a very informative article that explains the basics of Social Networking.  The article covers a little of the good and the bad of Social Networking.

5. Tech Soup, has a wonderful article titled, What Can Social Networking Do for Your Organization?.  It is an excellent, well written article that really sheds some light on the benefits of Social Networking.  They share some great examples of how the use of Social Networking benefited various organizations, and of course how you can use it to benefit your organization.

6. One thing many new and even seasoned Social Networkers often overlook is the proper etiquette of writing a Social Networking invitation.  Many people just shoot a random person something that says, "I want to add you to my list of contacts," a social no-no?  Tim O'Reilly sheds some light on the subject with his article, Social Networking Invitation Etiquette

7. When looking at Social Networking from a monetary perspective, it would be important to understand just how large some of these networks have grown to be.  Web Strategy by Jeremiah, has published a very interesting article covering the actual numbers behind three of the largest Social Networks to date.  This data may really help to put some things into perspective for you.

8. Mashable.com has a great list of over 350 well known, and not so well known, Social Networking sites.  This is an excellent resource for finding new outlets for making money.

9. WebConfs.com has a great beginner article on how to get traffic from Social Book marking sites like Digg.com, StumbleUpon.com and Reddit.com.  It covers the importance of great headlines and proper article structure and when and how to submit your article for the best exposure.

10. Make Money Blogging wrote an article titled "Using Social Networking Sites to Promote Your Blog", which covers some basic but good pointers for putting these sites to work for you.  Don't forget that you can use Social Networking to promote any web site, its not just for blogs.

11. Robin Good has written a great beginner's guide to using Facebook to get you started with that community.

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