Earning money from Craigslist

(by a guest writer)

There is more than one way to make money with Craigslist.org Craigslist may not even be a Social Network, but it has a strong social community so, what the heck, let's include it.  The most obvious route to profiting from Craigslist is by selling your products through this classified giant, it's as simple as listing an item for sale to people in your area and waiting to hear back from someone.  Below are some methods you may not be familiar with.

Being the broker

Sell other people's merchandise for a percentage of the sale price.  We all are familiar with selling our old stuff from around the house, but there are a lot of people out there that have junk piling up.  Many people may not be as computer savvy as you are, and would be intimidated by listing their stuff, while at the same time they just don't have room in their schedule for a garage sale.  They represent an opportunity.  Start by talking to neighbors, family and friends to see if they have any unwanted stuff they'd like you to get rid of for them. Once you have dried up your resources, post an ad on Craigslist itself offering to sell people's unwanted items for a small percentage.  By the way, selling on Craigslist is a lot easier than a marketplace like eBay , because there is no shipping hassles, you just take twenty minutes to deliver it, or let the buyer come pick it up.

Or becoming an affiliate

Selling your affiliate products on Craigslist: You are allowed to sell services as long as you place them in the proper category.  Craigslist gets a lot of traffic and a lot of affiliates are harnessing that exposure.  The most important factor with this method is your sales copy.  Your sales copy needs to be good or nobody will ever click through to the product page.  Get started with this method by visiting Clickbank and Commission Junction to find a great affiliate product to promote. There are several good resources on finding great affiliate merchants and profiting from affiliate programs and a discussion of that is outside the scope of this article.

Or creating a tool

Setup an online tool that allows marketers to easily post to multiple cities or categories.  One of the biggest drags to selling on Craigslist is that you can only manually post to one location at a time, which is fine if you are selling garage sale type items.  On the other hand, affiliate marketers want to scattergun Craigslist with ads across multiple cities; you can make this easy for them.  Craygo is Craigslist - how to profita good example of an auto posting software developed for use with Craigslist.  Not only does this service allow you to post to multiple categories automatically, it also rotates  headlines so that all of the ads don't look the same.  Opportunities exist for tools like this, selling advertising space, charging people to download or use your software, helping employers find the right staff or students find roommates. Ideas for further tools? You'd need to get involved in the community, get very familiar with how it works, test some of the existing tools yourself... and wait for inspiration.


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