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Spotting opportunities

It's really not that difficult. What are they asking for in forums? What's the missing ingredient at tradeshows? Talk to people, ask them what they'd like to see, what service they'd like to have.


Google Page Rank was a much in demand commodity during the mid noughties. Buying websites with high PR (PR7) for as little as $2,000 gave you a property from which you could sell links. Right through 2004, 2005, and beyond, webmasters were paying circa $20 per link per month from a PR7 page. On a sale of 50 links you could comfortably make $1,000 per month and convert your $2,000 to $24,000 between one birthday and the next. Been there, came back with the T-shirt and all.


If you reinvested the money earned and bought a few other websites to pimp for PR you could have made a comfortable quarter to half a million dollars for working less than 10 hours a week! And when the inevitable happens and your PR7 site drops to PR2 after the first year, who cares? Dump it, tell your customers you've got a new PR7 site and move their links there.

But maybe you have an ethical problem with that. So what? Is it scamming the search engines? Maybe, maybe not. But it's 100% legal. Still have a problem with it? Find something else!

It may even be too late for PR. Maybe the boat has sailed. But another one will be along soon. Actually, scratch that. We're not talking about the distant future. Another one is already here. With a lot of its friends. In fact, there's a whole flotilla of them. Large ones, small ones, multi-coloured ones, ones with ribbons on. Are you looking in the right places?