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Top ten tips to sell your site via Site For Sale forums


8. Maintaining a friendly and professional approach is critical. It's easy for someone to ruin your thread if they feel slighted or offended. There are also usually some drive by post-count monkeys who'll drop into your thread to make a completely uninformed comment about its likely value. Think of them as the village idiots but treat them as politely as you would anyone else. Example comments are: "Great site. Wish I had the money", "overpriced", "nice site - good luck" and "Nice design, did you do it yourself". All of them are distraction comments and have the potential to take your thread off track. The earlier you move such discussions off-thread to PMs or emails the better.

9. Identify the big players among those who post in your thread (by visiting other threads they've participated in) and take the trouble to contact them proactively, via PM, even if it's only a brief note: "I know you are one of the better known buyers here and I am chuffed that you are interested in my site. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in providing you with information or answers". Even if they lose interest in buying your site their support can be crucial if someone attempts to ruin your thread.

10. Play your price right. To you this is the most important part of the thread. First, know your price and your market: use a reliable valuation report (this one is provided free by ebizvaluations). Are you going to have a BIN price, or an auction? Will there be a reserve for the auction? A clear explanation is always appreciated by buyers. If it's an auction they want to know the closing date and time so they can get in with the last bid just before the deadline. Some prefer a BIN so they're not keeping funds for a site whose auction they may never win. If you do set a BIN it's better to start high and lower it. There have been numerous cases of sellers underestimating their site, setting a low BIN, achieving a sale in a few minutes and being in a position where they couldn't raise their price without reneging on the BIN and losing some credibility.