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About Me

My name is Clinton. I'm a recognised expert on all aspects of website buying and selling.

- I've written the world's most used guide on valuing websites (published at Sitepoint).

- I've provided consultancy to some of the world's leading platforms for the buying and selling of Internet businesses - from Bizquest in the US to Daltons in the UK to the large website-for-sale forums.

- Every single major website listing location online uses at least one of my articles or guides.

- I've provided the "stickies" in most of the well known forums where Internet businesses are sold - example at Sitepoint: How to sell your site (my user name there is FruitMedley Post) and How to sell via forums in SEF.

- I've helped hundreds - if not thousands - of people in public and in private to sell their sites.

- Advanced material on this site, including on due diligence, transferring websites and how to make money online, was written by me.

- I've dealt with/ sold / bought sites in USD, in Pounds Sterling, in Australian and Canadian dollars, in Euros, in Pesos and in Rs and paisa. I've bought blogs; affiliate sites; content sites; scrapers and MFA sites; blackhat, whitehat and greyhat sites; sites selling physical products and sites selling ebooks; search engines; proxies; social networking sites to myspace trinket sellers; incentivised and reward sites; directories and link farms; ezines and forums; ringtone to pharmaceutical sites; even databases, portfolios of parked domains, scripts, ebooks and adware tools - a wide spectrum!

- I know how buyers think and how best to appeal to them.

- I have my own draft copies of legal forms like NDAs, contracts of sale etc., that you would have access to.

- I'm your sounding board and actually work with you assisting you through the sale process.

- I know how to ensure you get paid and get paid in full (and, no, just using escrow.com is not security enough! See this post I made)